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2020 05 13 - Lawyer Digital Marketing

Welcome to The HCS Agency.

A Leader in Long Island & NYC Law Firm Marketing.

The HCS Agency, a Long Island & NYC law firm digital marketing agency, understands the competitive nature of the legal industry. Firms need to stay competitive with one another to bring in clients through the door. With a never-ending amount of firms for clients to choose from, standing out from the crowd will be imperative to your success. To do this, you’ll need the help of an expert marketing staff on your side. We take pride in creating comprehensive Long Island law firm marketing plans guaranteed to help clients receive their desired results.

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Your Firm, Our Focus

As Long Island & NYC law firm marketing experts in the legal industry, we’re determined to help firms stay ahead of the always-changing marketing curve. We love taking on new challenges, and nothing brings us more joy than helping our clients reach levels they never thought were possible. You’ll never find an agency that is more involved with their clients than us. To learn what puts us ahead of other agencies specializing in law firm digital marketing, and to see our focus to quality first hand, reach out today.

What is Long Island & NYC Digital Law Firm Marketing?

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Whether you are a well-established firm or a new law firm, where you rank on a search engine plays a crucial role in your success. Have you ever looked beyond the first page of Google after searching for a product or service If you haven’t, why would your potential clients? Our team at The HCS Agency are experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices that guarantee to improve your search engine rankings.



The importance of the marketing liaison role for law firms cannot be overstated. It’s important to explore all avenues that can lead to clients finding your law firm, and while online marketing is a great way to do this, having someone with their feet on the ground to verbally spread your message also has benefits.



In all businesses, client feedback is an essential part of building goodwill towards your brand. That is why it is imperative to have accounts on reviews sites such as Yelp and Google+. When potential clients see that past clients had a pleasant experience working with you, it increases their desire to do so as well. However, even if 99 out of 100 reviews are positive, the one negative review can be detrimental if not handled correctly.



Over 2.65 billion people actively engage with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business, with more and more of these people are turning to them to meet consumer needs. Law firms that are not privy to this fact are certain to miss out on a large portion of people that need their services. However, simply creating accounts on these platforms is not enough to garner success. When allowing The HCS Agency to handle your social media, we’ll implement a sound strategy so you can reap the benefits of being active on these platforms.



You never get a second chance at a first impression. A lot of judgments can come from first impressions, and negative ones may never be able to be fully resolved. As a law firm, your website offers the first impression to many potential clients, which makes it the single most important part of a successful online marketing strategy.



When building a comprehensive marketing strategy, sometimes you must get back to the basics. Newsletter marketing is one of the oldest, yet most effective online marketing tactics, and when utilized properly, can have patients flooding to your firm.



At The HCS Agency, our Long Island & NYC law firm digital marketing team wears many hats. Since each law firm is different in their needs, we have numerous services that can be used to bring success.

Recent Blog Topics About Long Island & NYC Law Firm Digital Marketing

How Can I Market My Law Firm Online?

In the current digital age, businesses and law firms who fail to participate in online marketing are setting themselves up for failure.  If you are not well versed in what it takes to build your brand online, our team at The HCS Agency can help.  We’ve helped numerous firms create a sound online Long Island law firm marketing strategy, and want to do the same for you.


SEO Practices 

One of the most important aspects in online marketing is to optimize your ranking on search engines.  Our staff is composed of search engine optimization experts who can work diligently to get your firm on the first page of the search engine.  There are many aspects that go into SEO best practices, and our team will implement them into your marketing strategy seamlessly.  Examples of these SEO practices include:

  • Having a vibrant, user friendly website.
  • Choosing keywords that are relevant to your firms and potential clients.
  • Implementing these keywords into blogs, backend content pieces, and other areas on your website.
  • Releasing a flow of updated, relevant content that contains both inbound and outbound links.
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices.


Increase Your Social Media Presence  

As of 2019 statistics, over 2.95 billion people are active social media users.  If your firm does not have a presence on these platforms, you’ll undoubtedly be missing a slew of potential clients.  Social media allows you to connect with people and share your firm’s messages in real time.  At The HCS Agency, our staff will create and run social media accounts for your firm on your behalf, and utilize these platforms to drive traffic to both your website and offices.



E-Newsletters are a tried and proven way to increase client engagement with your website.  These newsletters can consist of updates to your practices, lawyer bios, or general legal information that can benefit the public.  Our team will then first gather email addresses of past, present, and potential clients to send these e-newsletters to.  Once the newsletter has been approved, we’ll send it out with a call to action of visiting your website or contacting your firm.


Long Island & NYC Law Firm Marketing with The HCS Agency

The digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving.  In order to stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of digital marketing, you’ll need to work with a team you can trust.  To optimize your firm’s online marketing efforts, be sure to contact our team today.

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How Do I Sell Myself As A Lawyer – Long Island & NYC Law Firm Marketing

To run a successful law firm, your staff needs to be able to adequately sell yourselves to the public. When you’re drowning in paperwork and trying to meet client needs, marketing may be the last thing on your mind. At The HCS Agency, our team understands this, which is why we want to offer our help. As experts in the the Long Island law firm marketing field, we’ll come up with the most effective and efficient ways you can sell yourself so clients will know they can trust your firm.


Advertise Your Specialty

Each day, people will seek our legal help for a plethora of reasons. To bring in the clients who can benefit from working with your firm, you’ll need to be able to advertise your specialty. Whether it be in personal injury, criminal, or tax law, clients will want to have a full understanding of your capabilities before working with you. Our team can make sure your specialty is prominently noted on your websites and marketing materials, allowing your message to be heard.


Promote Testimonials

Few things can have clients wanting to work with you more than displaying previous successes. Our team can find creative ways to get client feedback after you’ve worked with them and display it for others to see. Examples of ways we will do this include:

  • Creating surveys for clients to fill out after their legal issues have been resolved.
  • View review websites to highlight positive reviews that have been left regarding your firm.
  • Perform reputation management to get ahead of any negative feelings a former client may display.


Build A Referral Network  

One of the most efficient ways to sell yourself is to connect with medical practices or other businesses and create a referral network. Our agency offers a liaison program that will have our communication experts visiting these places to build a rapport on your behalf. We can drop off marketing materials and work to schedule a face to face meeting between you and the owner. Once a business becomes a referral partner, they may be inclined to refer other businesses to you as well.


Additional Ways To Sell Yourself

A major benefit of working with our team is that there are no limits to the marketing ideas we will come up with. Along with the previously mentioned methods, below are a few more examples of what can be done to sell yourself as a lawyer:

  • Host a networking event.
  • Build a presence on social media.
  • Start a weekly or monthly blog.
  • Participate in community charity events.


When working with The HCS Agency on Long Island law firm marketing, we promise there are no shortages of ways to make your firm successful. To learn more about ways you can sell yourself as a lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Why Do Law Firms Need Marketing?

Whether you are embarking on starting up your first law firm, or are looking to increase the reach of your already established one, marketing will play a key role in this.  While creating a Long Island law firm marketing strategy and simultaneously handling client cases can be difficult, you don’t have to try and do this alone.  Here at The HCS Agency, our staff is well versed in what it takes for a law firm to market themselves successfully.  


Building Your Brand

As with any business, your brand is your livelihood.  Building up your law firm’s brand will be imperative to its success.  If potential clients are unable to find you and are unaware of the legal services you offer, your firm is bound to fall by the wayside.  By eliciting our services, our team will turn your idea into a full fledged brand, allowing clients to easily recognize your firm.


Displaying Your Team

Those in need of legal representation will seldom seek the help of lawyers they are unfamiliar with.  To work around this problem, your firm can add attorney bios to your marketing strategy.  At The HCS Agency, we’ve seen the difference between firms who do this and firms who don’t.  These bios can be added directly to your website, or to any marketing materials you have created.  Examples of what clients would love to see in these bios include:

  • Where your legal education was received.
  • Previous work done at other law firms.
  • The area of law each member specializes in.
  • Ways you have used your experience to benefit the community.


Gaining The Ideal Client

Law firms are nothing without their clients.  To ensure your success, you’ll need to reach the clients who would benefit most from your services.  Those suffering from medical malpractice may find no benefit working with attorneys who specialize in tax law.  Implementing the correcting marketing plan will help create a steady flow of clients in need of your specific legal expertise.   


Contact Us For Long Island Law Firm Marketing

No business can thrive without the right marketing, and your law firm is no exception to this.  In the highly competitive legal field, you’ll need a team of experts to help your firm stand out from the rest.  To learn more about why Long Island law firm marketing is so important, and how it will help your law firm, contact our team at The HCS Agency today!

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Creative Marketing Ideas For Law Firms

Here at The HCS Agency, we don’t believe in taking a cookie-cutter approach to marketing. Each law firm is unique, and they should have a personalized marketing strategy that shows this. Staying ahead of the competition involves getting creative with your marketing, and we’d love to help you do so. Continue reading to learn about some excellent Long Island law firm marketing ideas we’ll help you implement.


Host A Networking Event

Although this is not currently viable due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never too early to start planning a networking event. Being the host allows you to curate your guest list to fit the specific needs of your practice. Our team will help with the coordination of the event. Getting in a room face to face with potential clients is the best way to build goodwill and create the referral networks your firm needs to thrive. Should you be interested in hosting an event such as this in the future, we can help with the below:

  • Creating e-blasts to send invitations to your desired clients.
  • Securing the location of your event.
  • Booking any entertainment or catering that you desire.
  • Drafting an itinerary for your guests.


Create Short Videos

Our agency has a wealth of experience helping law firms overtake their competition. While many firms have created blogs or backend content pieces to help them engage with their clients, we want to help you take your marketing a step further. Although the previously mentioned content is essential, we also recommend creating short videos to post on your website and social media platforms. These videos allow potential clients to put a face to the name, and also allows you to display your legal expertise first hand. Posting weekly or monthly videos is a great way to keep your clients engaged.  


Participate In Local Events

When people need legal representation, they want to work with lawyers they can trust. What better way is there to build your reputation than to participate in local events and give back to the community? Our team at the HCS Agency can help you locate events taking place in your area, and highlight how you were a part of them. Becoming a staple in your community will work wonders in driving interest to your firm.


Learn More About Long Island Law Firm Marketing

Creativity is the key to success when it comes to building a marketing campaign. If you’re interested in more out of the box ideas or have some you need help implementing, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today and take the first steps in building your firm.

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2020 05 13 - Lawyer Digital Marketing
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