Marketing Liaison

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The importance of the marketing liaison role for law firms cannot be overstated. It’s important to explore all avenues that can lead to clients finding your law firm, and while online marketing is a great way to do this, having someone with their feet on the ground to verbally spread your message also has benefits.

Liaisons at The HCS Agency go beyond simply increasing the number of clients that are sent your way. They are experts in communication and want to build relationships with other offices that are visited on your behalf. Whether they be medical facilities or other locations where an attorney’s help will be required, the places we visit will not want to feel like your firm is just “making a sale.” They’ll want to know their patient’s best interests are in mind before referring them to a law firm, and our liaisons will assure that this is the case.

Few things are built upon trust more than the attorney-client relationship. Our liaisons will travel to your requested destinations and build quality, trust-filled relationships with them. This can increase the goodwill felt to your firm, and increase the number of clients that walk through your door. The facilities we meet may even start to tell others about your services, allowing this goodwill to grow organically! If you’re ready to take the next step in your marketing strategy and utilize our marketing liaison, contact us today!

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