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At The HCS Agency, we’ve been operating as a PR firm for Lawyers on Long Island since 2013. We’ve seen first hand the issues that can come when lawyers try to run their firm while also implementing successful marketing strategies, which is why our company was founded. We’ll handle all the aspects necessary for creating an innovative marketing campaign, so you can focus all that goes into representing a client.

Landing Page  300x300 - PR Firm For Lawyers on Long IslandAfter spending years of your life mastering your craft, you shouldn’t have to take time away from doling out legal expertise to market your firm. That is we promise to streamline all the necessary public relations and marketing tools needed to help your firm stand out.

As experts in the legal marketing field, we’ve spent many years honing our skills and creating client solutions. Our mission is to increase your client volume while seamlessly maximizing the most profitable aspects of your firm. We’ll begin by offering an individualized assessment of your firm’s current marketing approach and create an optimized that will help yield the desired results.




Managing Your Law Firms Reputation With Public Relations Management

HCS Final Logo 300x300 - PR Firm For Lawyers on Long IslandIn all businesses, client feedback is an essential part of building goodwill towards your brand. That is why it is imperative to have accounts on reviews sites such as Yelp and Google+. In order to get this done, you’ll need to work with our PR Firm for Lawyers on Long Island. When potential clients see that past clients had a pleasant experience working with you, it increases their desire to do so as well. However, even if 99 out of 100 reviews are positive, the one negative review can be detrimental if not handled correctly.

Since those in need of legal help have continuously turned to the internet to find the representation they need, having unaddressed visible negative feedback will steer clients into the hands of other attorneys. Bad reviews spread faster than good ones, but here at The HCS Agency, we’ll help limit the damage they cause. To limit the effect of bad reviews and encourage online praise, our team will use the following methods on your behalf:

  • Encourage clients to leave positive reviews after utilizing your services.
  • Deal with unhappy clients before they can post negative feedback online.
  • Draft professional and polite responses to any complaints left on review websites.
  • Monitor online perceptions on review sites and alert you of any new reviews.
  • Create satisfaction surveys clients can fill out to describe positive experiences.

You can’t make 100% of clients happy 100% of the time. This is an unfortunate fact of life, and even if you’ve received a majority of positive reviews about your firm, clients who were left unsatisfied can paint an unfair picture of your services that potential clients take to heart. With your busy schedule, it can be hard to respond to each negative review. The HCS Agency knows the importance of having a positive online perception and has spent years crafting effective ways to help law firms achieve this. Scheduling a consultation with our team will be the first step in ensuring your good name and reputation stays protected in the online world.

Why Is Your Online Reputation Important?

Jan HCS Social 10 300x300 - PR Firm For Lawyers on Long IslandFor any brand or business, your reputation is your livelihood. The moment your law firm earns an unfavorable reputation online is when you begin to miss out on potential clients. At The HCS Agency, we’ve seen situations like this tank a law firm’s profitability. However, by implementing a sound plan for Long Island attorney marketing, our team can ensure your online reputation remains intact.


Review Websites:


Top review websites, such as Yelp, can help make or break your law firm. When researching a new business or law firm, many people will look for review websites to show how past client experiences went. If they see other people have left negative reviews, it can drive them into the arms of your competitors.


Online Reputation Management:


Try as you might, it’s a general rule of thumb that you can never please everyone. Even after your firm works its hardest to provide clients with the services they need, they may come out of the experience less than pleased. When this happens, it’s important to get ahead of any threats these unsatisfied clients pose to your online reputation. Fortunately, reputation management is one of our many Long Island attorney marketing services. Our experts can protect your law firm by doing the following:


  • Regularly monitoring review websites for both positive and negative reviews.
  • Respond to negative reviews promptly and efficiently.
  • Capture positive reviews and testimonials and publish them on your website.
  • Create surveys for clients to fill out that show their satisfaction.
  • Encourage clients to leave positive reviews.


Importance Of Your Online Reputation:


For many law firms, building your online reputation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when creating a Long Island attorney marketing strategy. However, what good will marketing do if potential clients are exposed to a law firm that is riddled with negative reviews? Especially now, with physical interactions limited, your online reputation will offer a first impression for your practice. Our services can be utilized to improve and maintain your online reputation, allowing people to feel confident coming to you for legal representation.


Long Island Attorney Marketing:


Not having a marketing plan can leave you bounds behind your competition. At The HCS Agency, we don’t want to see this happen to your firm. By implementing tried and proven Long Island attorney marketing strategies, we can optimize your online reputation and increase traffic to your website and your office. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.

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