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Over 2.65 billion people actively engage with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business, with more and more of these people are turning to them to meet consumer needs.  Law firms that are not privy to this fact are certain to miss out on a large portion of people that need their services.  However, simply creating accounts on these platforms is not enough to garner success.  When allowing The HCS Agency to handle your social media, we’ll implement a sound strategy so you can reap the benefits of being active on these platforms. 

Our social media marketing strategy has been finely tuned to allow law firms to achieve optimal results:

  • Identify and target the platforms that are the most relevant and beneficial to a firm.
  • Build and foster relationships with potential clients in real-time.
  • Create and post content during times of the day when potential client traffic is highest.
  • Advertise any upcoming events or relevant firm updates.
  • Drive positive conversations about firms to create an organic following.

Print ads and word-of-mouth marketing are no longer enough to be successful.  As times change, your marketing strategy needs to as well.  For more information about how social media continues to change the digital landscape, and how it can be used successfully to drive client engagement, contact us now.  

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