Are You Utilizing Your Client Testimonials

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Are You Utilizing Your Client Testimonials

No matter how persuasive you may think yourself to be, sometimes potential clients will only listen to a past client’s experience. All your efforts of creating a sound Long Island law firm marketing plan could be for naught if you’re unable to capitalize on goodwill felt towards your firm. At The HCS Agency, we can help with just that. We’ll walk you through the importance of gathering testimonials and how they can be used for your benefit.

The Importance Of Testimonies

When it comes to building a loyal clientele, nothing speaks louder volumes than positive past reviews. People who need legal representation will often look for past reviews to determine if your law firm was able to help others reach favorable legal outcomes. If you’re able to secure various positive reviews, you’ll be able to show the world the trust people have in your services. Examples of how you can working gaining testimonials into your Long Island law firm marketing practices include:

  • Creating surveys and questionnaires to gain feedback immediately after a client has finished with your services.
  • Encouraging clients to share their thoughts on review websites.
  •  Send out e-blasts that encourage past clients to share their thoughts on your services.

Share Testimonials On Your Homepage   

The homepage of your website will provide the first impression of your law firm to many potential clients. That is why sharing testimonials on your homepage is a great method of Long Island law firm marketing. When positive testimonials are among the first thing a potential client sees, it greatly enhances the likelihood of them reaching out for representation. 

Create A Testimonials Page   

Although doing so can be beneficial, placing testimonials on the homepage may offer only a snapshot of what past clients have had to say. By creating an entire page for testimonials, you’ll be able to share more past experiences in detail. Potential clients can spend time combing through this page to find testimonials that dictate experiences that match their current needs. Being able to fill up an entire page with positive testimony will also show how beneficial your services have been to many people.

Contact Us For Long Island Law Firm Marketing

Trying to figure out the best ways to utilize your client’s testimonials to the benefit of your firm does not need to be a difficult task. To learn more about how our team can handle this or other forms of Long Island law firm marketing, contact our team at The HCS Agency today.

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